Monsterflix Awards is an online horror film festival set up by film-makers for film-makers making it a complete horror platform to showcase your amazing projects so the whole world can see. 

With guest judges that are well well known in the industry the finalists in each category will be seen by distributors and sales agent from every corner of the world.

We all love attending a film festival so we can network but MonsterFlix Awards lets you catch up with some our talented filmmakers from the comfort of your own home and for free.

Monsterflix Awards is interested in your HORROR, SCI-FI or Thriller; rather it is 60 seconds or 90 minutes we the Monsterflix family want to see it.

So as we embark on our new adventure we invite you to take part as a filmmaker or as a fan. 

Let us grow Monsterflix Awards together.



"MonsterFlix Awards has not only been an absolutely wonderful experience, but this festival honors the passion, love, the creativity and the craft that is cinema. And it has been a profound honor to have been a small part of such a grand festival. Thank you all -- hand to humble heart -- for the kindness and professionalism shown."

"The Team at MonsterFlix Awards are a great group who run a fun and polished festival. They are great with communication. Can't wait to submit again!"

"Great festival, I love watching this beautiful selection of films, and I was very honored to be part of the winners of this first season ... I would come back"

"I am so glad Reeltime submitted SIL AND THE DEVIL SEEDS OF ARODOR to THE MONSTERFLIX AWARDS. This is the their first year running and I'm stunned at the quality and scope of the productions they managed to bring together. In our category alone, there was an amazing group of WEB SERIES and I did not expect to win. Lots of my friends watched this on-line festival and were impressed with the website, graphics and voting system. Highly recommended for anyone out there with a horror/science fiction production they want to raise awareness for. I'm confident it's going to get even better!"

"¡Great festival! Excellent communication and great movies. I won in the best foreign short film and I would definitely submit again, it was a great experience. Thanks Monsterflix Awards."

"It was such a great honor to have our Mini-Short Film selected as a Finalist and exhibited at the MonsterFlix Awards, thank you all."

"An excellent presentation for a quality festival !!"

"Big thanks to MonsterFlix for an excellent experience. Honored that our film was an official selection."

"Thanks for the award. We are very glad to be part of this festival!"

"A fantastic new online festival! Getting the opportunity to watch such amazing international horror films during the online screening, and getting the chance to meet and communicate with so many great international horror filmmakers has been a wonderful experience, thank you so much MonsterFlix !"

"This festival was a nice little treat. My feature film, Re-Elected, won Best Feature at the Festival, and they were very supportive in promoting the film. I would suggest anybody with a project they feel proud of to submit to this festival."

"WONDERFOUL festival with great communication. The team at MonsterFlix Awards cares about each films this is really appreciated. Well recommended."

"A top-notch new online festival! Great communication and a wonderful opportunity to share our work with the world."

"It's a nice festival for horror projects"


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