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FEATURE FILM of all genres are welcomed to submit to this category.

SHORT FILMS  of all genres are welcomed to submit to this category.

STUDENT SHORT  Open to all genres. The student short is for all the hard working film & tv students out there.

 Let us get your project in front of a large audience.

60 SECOND HORROR CHALLENGE We want 60 seconds of mayhem. Submit your one minute masterpiece now.


FOREIGN SHORT Please bare in mind that all foreign films will need English subtitles if selected.

BEST WEB SERIES Web-series of all genres are welcome. We have had amazing Drama, Sci-Fi and Horror in the past.

HORROR COMEDY Let the fun begin. Horror Comedy has proven very successful for us since we launched. We love seeing them.

DRAMA We have had some amazing drama projects sent to us and we love getting them. Drama is one of the most successful    genres out there and with our partners MBUR films any filmmaker successful in this project will surely get considered              by them for distribution.


MUSIC VIDEO Music of all are welcome. We had amazing rock, grunge, rap and love seeing what is next.

DOCUMENTARY Rather it is about food, animals, photography and more we welcome the best to compete.

 Let your project be seen by thousands online.

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION FOOTAGE One of the most interesting Caterogies, we love to see projects aimed    towards ghosts, investigators and all supernatural.

SCREENPLAY Produced / Non Produced scripts are welcome. Probably the most compettive category with so many great screenplays sent in since we launched. Horror, Drama, Thriller, Comedy have been winners in the past.

YOUNG FILMMAKER AWARD Filmmaker must be under 21 years of age to submit. Open to all genres. Best of luck to the so much talent out there. We support you.

FIST TIME DIRECTOR Supporting indie filmmakers is our goal. First Time Directors sees how hard each filmmaker grafts and how far they have come to accomplish their dreams. Let Monsterflix Awards guide you and your project into being seen by thousands over a 3 day festival period.

BEST POSTER Movie, Comic or Fan Made accepted.





EXPERIMENTAL Art-house projects, simply weird, simply brilliant. Fantastic. We love this category.




REWINDS COLLECTION Older film projects. All years completed accepted. You may have lost a film years ago and it has shown up, lovely, we want to see it.

PHOTOGRAPHY Behind the scenes, still shots, character shots or simply on location photography. Photographers need recognition and Monsterflix loves showing our fans the amazing work they do.

LOCKDOWN SHORT Did you make a film during covid? Monsterflix Awards wants to see it. All genres accepted.

SPECIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE Special Recognition for Excellence in Filmmaking. From casting, production, script, performance and direction.



PRODUCTION DESIGNER We are looking for the perfect shooting location.

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